30 Deeds of 2015

Out of order:

  1. Tried Leela’s for the first time. It’s true what I’ve heard, they really do have good chai. I didn’t expect the vibes to be the way it was though, but ya can’t unsee it after visiting.
  2. Spent $40 on A’s “1” “8” birthday balloons.. I will probably not be buying balloons for a long time.
  3. Winter Carnival wishes came true. Snowboarding seems to get harder and harder for my dinky knees to keep up to because I can only falling leaf..(insert sad face emoji here. someone please teach me.)
  4. Tried to hike the Garden of the Gods……and found it wasn’t really a hike. Managed to find some red rocks to climb though. It was the most fun walking back to the car, pretending to be a strange dancer. I always find it amusing to make D embarrassed to be seen in public with me. Real or not, it’s in moments like these I thank God for adding him to my life’s story.
  5. Hiked Glass Lake (in Rocky Mountain National Park) in the winter. I recommend this to no one, even to the people I like less in this life. One should never mix gym shoes and icy mountains. Never have I ever slipped on my bottom as much as I have in this one trip. Despite the many almost-slip-to-deaths, it was beautiful. It’s definitely a different kind of view from the summer hikes with the frozen lakes and snow covered every things.
  6. Yelp-discovered Rooster + Moon. It is probably my favorite out-of-the-way coffee shop I’ve checked out thus far. Have you tried the Cinful Joe? It’s sinfully delicious.
  7. Went to the Lantern Festival. I wasn’t feeling my best, I remember having a lot of insecurities that I definitely regret not talking about. A big thank-you to D for buying our tickets, driving us there, and keeping up with my emotions. I heard there were several engagements going on, and it was stankin’ dang obvious why.
  8. Interned for the Denver Art Museum to work the Sol LeWitt for the new Art Hotel. It was such an eye-opening opportunity and I was even more grateful to have been chosen out of the whole art department. It was the first time experiencing, “Wow, this is what it must feel like to love what you do.” To meet, work, and talk with people who are passionate about art, which has been a constant curiosity to me, was charming. To see a day-in-the-life of art collectors and artists, big name art pieces hanging on their walls, a balcony overlooking downtown, wines according to their years, I swear I felt my eyes light up. There was a dining table that made a different sound depending on where you touched it….
  9. Bought my first pair of hiking boots. Returned them. Bought a different one. Let chor-girl tell you how cute they are, they’ve got pale blue shoestrings!
  10. Sold my first art print! Biggest of thank you’s to the buyer for making me feel so special.
  11. Graduated.
  12. Went to my first country concert (Luke Bryan) with D!! I wish we could’ve stayed the whole concert, but I totes-my-goats lost my passport (which I needed for Mexico the next morning).
  13. Went to my first football game (Go Broncos!). D wore glasses; he pulls off glasses pretty well, my hunka-hunka HAHA.
  14. Babysat two boys who will forever tug on my heart strings.
  15. Traveled to Mexico with my girl friends as a graduation trip. I never thought I would love snorkeling. Traveling with people really helps you get to know their character-for better or for worse. It was a lot of fun, bright blue beaches, colored fish, going out, eating, drinking, eating, drinking, and eating and drinking and streaking.
  16. Moved to California. Started graduate school at USC. It’s only a one year program and basically a full ride, but sometimes I have these strange urges to drop out and get a license in wedding planning or something more artsy artsy-free willy nilly livin’. Living in California, you really feel the anything-can-happen vibes.
  17. Went to my first musical: Wicked!
  18. Attempted to climb Mt. Evans. I really did not think I was going to make it back in one whole. Almost broke down in tears on the way back to the car..I wonder if D could tell..I can’t even begin to understand how he carried me through a section back because of all the exhaustion.
  19. Climbed my first fourteener: Mt. Bierstadt!
  20. Hiked Emerald Lake (in Rocky Mountain National Park) with a spontaneous group of friends. It was warm, but the lake was still iced over. Pretty view pretty crew.
  21. Spent Fourth of July weekend adventuring in California with the boyfriend. The last night felt unreal because I knew it’d be awhile before I’d see him again.
  22. (Somehow) made it through the ~6months long distance relationship. I have no confidence in doing that again any time soon. The big, fat baby in me has already super-glued D to myself.
  23. Celebrated 2 happy years.
  24. Went to the Broad (new art museum). Finally got to see the Infinity Mirrored Room exhibition (Yayoi Kusama).
  25. Camped at Maroon Bells. How’s your AS-PEN? I loved so much how chill our group was, having our best friends together. Quality time with D when cooking food and sitting together by the campfire helped me breathe a little. The view of the stars in the mountains is always so breathtaking (it was #isthisreallifethewholetime). We even got to sneak in a little crazy. I love the mountains and the drives to and fro.
  26. Visited Korea for two weeks. Shook Zac Efron’s hand. Nbd.
  27. J came to visit me in LA.
  28. Started student teaching the fifth grade.
  29. Watched the first Star Wars..(yeah yeah, I’m a little late to the game).
  30. Became a member of Sovereign Grace.

I believe in magical moments. They’re brief, just long enough for you to know they exist. The memory is always one worth keeping.