the sun + the moon

I bet they are lovers.

Have you ever wondered:

  1. The two work different hours each day, and only meet for a moment–just how jealous the sun might get when he sees the rest of the world in their pairs; perhaps he’s as lonely as the moon is when she’s up watching them sleep in their rightful arms.
  2. Regardless of jealousy, loneliness, or any other ugly feeling in between, they show up consistently every morning and night as they’re called. Persistent, persevering amidst hardships and sufferings.
  3. Do you suppose Sun has ever caught Moon gazing a little too long at the stars? I’m sure Moon wonders if Sun thinks about her throughout the day when he is busy warming the Earth. He must!
  4. Maybe there are days Moon comes a little early to see as much of Sun before he has to leave, and days when she waltzes in a tad late to keep him on his toes; both actions because she loves him so.
  5. A love like theirs. Despite the many phases of Moon, Sun is warm, patiently waiting for her every morning to kiss her goodnight. Even with the many distracting stars, the Sun holds its place in the sky-steady.