One of those things

We’ll eventually forget the little details to.

  1. Ya’d walk in and bother the jeebus out of my sleepy Saturday self by poking fun of the drawings in my sketchbook. I was always the first drop-off so while the teacher was setting up in the other rooms, I would bunch the chairs together and sleep under the table. I’d wake up to you looking through my sketchbook.
  2. My first date ever: naturally, I dragged my girlfriends to come with me. You hugged me so hard. It was my first boy hug ever (LOL). I was a huggin’ hyo after that.
  3. Walking in hungover to our first lunch where I apparently got a little too touchy that it freaked you out quite a bit….(lookin’ back, I was a solid weirdo to you.)
  4. Laughing so hard when you revealed why you used to text me once a week.
  5. Swearing off mountains after Mt. Evans, but also thinking I wouldn’t want to hike with anyone else. Getting lost, retracing steps, falling in snow, climbing in snow, I secret cried trailing behind you. I honestly thought I was going to die there that day and even thought of how bad I’d break my parents’ heart if you had to call a helicopter to pick my body up.
  6. Picking me up with the shot gun seat pillow-padded for my snowboard-sore bottom on our first official date.
  7. Passing out on all our car rides, boat rides, train rides, all rides. You a true homie.
  8. Letting me stick flowers in your nose for my own personal happiness on a day I felt pretty down.
  9. Swollen hands from hiking Sky Pond in winter season. Tubbiest fingers I ever did see.
  10. Your unreleased single “In the morning sun” and all your creative bedtime stories when I was away from home in a different timezone.
  11. Camping Aspen and sneaking out crazy in the middle of the night. The stars were beautiful.
  12. Forced sleepover due to rando blizzard that your mother will never know about.
  13. Study dates and funky dance moves that’d crack you up in the library during the busiest study season of the year.
  14. Dares on dares on dares. Dares on sprinklers, dares on smelly.
  15. Picking out roses from the rose bushes, dead drunk.
  16. Sneaking into the art studio to paint on a rainy day in between classes.
  17. Volunteering at the Downtown parade, it was so cold-and all the worth when you told me it was a life-changing moment.
  18. Picking me up late nights from the studio so I wouldn’t have to walk alone. You always offered even when it was an inconvenience.
  19. Movies. So many stankin’ movies. Movies in theaters, movies in cramped car, movies ya-name-where. One LEGO movie we got kicked out of…
  20. Makeshift prom on the rainiest day. Thank you for the pretty flowers.
  21. Hiking Bierstadt and giving me all of your water. Tgod for all that water.
  22. Burger date and Lantern-fest. I still remember being po at you at Lantern-fest because of this one text you got, but it was so beautiful I really couldn’t stay mad. LOLOL then I got more mad you helped this rando chick light her lantern (we can just blame Aunt Flo and move forward.)
  23. First Broncos game, I’m sorry for giving you such a hard time.
  24. Calling me before entering any and every party, telling me you loved me in front of your friends. L even texted me the next day saying as soon as you got to any party, you went straight to sleep.
  25. Voice-shaking, telling me your past simply because you want me to hear it from you. I respected you for it all the more even though it made me cry for days.
  26. First country concert, Bieber concert, and Bruno Mars concert. Seeing you get emotional explaining why the song “Just the Way You Are”, meant so much to you made me laugh from the bottom of my heart.
  27. First cabin trip with snowboarding and snuggling in between all the bodies.
  28. The many, many, same snaps of our relationship.
  29. Strongest Pepero game of my life. I was legit touched when I received some while you were in London. The receipt was attached spending that much on pepero.
  30. Sending me congratulations flowers for passing my certification exams from overseas. The flowers were so pretty my roommate took pics to send her boyfriend (telling him to step it up).
  31. Fighting so hard to increase our list of firsts together, not realizing that it was actually the lasts that mattered most.

You’re easily the sweetest boy I’ll ever have dated and I’ll indefinitely miss you in the wholes you’ve made me feel.