The pretty happenings of 2016

  1. Graduated with my masters from USC!
  2. First job – loving and learning.
  3. First apartment – living alone.
  4. First dog.
  5. First real break up.
  6. Loss of a best friend.
  7. Went to New York.
  8. Went to San Francisco.
  9. Went sky diving in San Diego.

This year was actually the worst. I loved 22 so much, 23 was a sham. But of any year before it, I learned the most; for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

  1. Whatever it was with our careers, families, nothing was for certain; but I always imagined you with me. Putting that to rest was probably the hardest part. I suppose I regret some of the ways I’ve tried to fill it.
  2. I’ve grown so comfortable living alone, but I secretly want a roommate. I miss C, I’ll always want someone to do life with.
  3. New favorite do’s and don’ts.
  4. Sneaking trips that no one will ever know about. update: everyone knows about.