Wednesday, 9:36pm

Why be moody when you can shake your booty 🍑

I spilled a lot of salt today. Apparently it’s bad luck. Maybe that’s why it was kind of a caca day. But I appreciate caca days, kind of a spin on the whole “ya don’t know darkness without light”.

Today I’m thankful for:

  1. My most challenging student (behavior-wise) today told me she loves me. After all the days of “I hate you”, it was a refreshing breath of air.
  2. Learned there was a 30-day yoga trial at the yoga place my roommate and I checked out last Friday. So I went solo and had a pretty spankin’ time (minus all the sweat dripping down my face like it was nobody’s business).
  3. Friends who randomly call me up to talk about inappropriate burger + taco cravings, nothing else.
  4. Friends who send care-packages just because I moved apartments and venmos me lunch money because she knows I’m too broke to function atm.
  5. Parents who pick up the phone to deal with my random vent sessions about aging (when they’re aging even faster) + to have grown-up conversations about finances.

I hope if you’re having a bad day, today or any day, you can manage to come up with a list (or even just one thing) you’re thankful for. And that no matter how big or small, it’ll put a smile back on your pretty face.

 Ta ta for now,