Tuesday, 1:32pm

Ohmygosh,  s h o e s  👟👞👢👡👠


  1. They fit perfectly in the store, but once they’re yours and you wear them around, they hurt or bring you blisters.
  2. You get them gifted and they’re not your first choice, but realize they’re good to you.
  3. They break or there’s definite, visual wears and tears-maybe you like them less for this reason and other times, more.
  4. You wait and save months to buy the pair you’ve been eyeing.
  5. You get hand-me-down’s, ones that have a history that make them more appealing or what have you.
  6. You impulse buy-you end up loving or regretting.
  7. You wear them only on special occasions or they’re a daily.
  8. They look better on someone else.
  9. They’re too tight or there’s too much space between your toes and the front/ heel and the back.
  10. Someone takes them.
  11. You grow out of them.
  12. They are fittingly better for different seasons.
  13. People compliment them.

Whatever the case- you can’t deny they take you somewhere. Whether it’s a place you must go, want to go, shouldn’t go, etc. Whether it be for a short while or for longer. 

Take 'em off & rest your feet.

Enjoy them, admire them as they are; they’re yours. It’s more important the who they’re taking where. If they no longer fit the way they should, it’s probably in your best interest to pick out a new pair.

Now shoe-shoe,