1221 w. spooky blvd.

Come thru.

Let’s get sheet-faced. 👻

Or maybe it’ll just be me, who ordered a way-too-real Adios M*therF*cker:

  1. Don’t continue to drink because you don’t feel it yet.
  2. Don’t drink when you’re upset.
  3. Don’t keep your house key, car key, credit card, and debit card in the wallet you’ll probably lose after you do (1) and (2) at the same time.
  4. Don’t text/call anyone other than your Lyft driver after 1am, especially not your ex-boyfriend. But if you do, what would a normal person text him after not speaking with him for over a year?

Bye, boo,




If you ever get a chance to meet drunk Hyo, let her know she needs to tone down the salt and sass.