Can you roll your r’s?

I can’t. Well, for like a little less than a second, kinda. Does that count?

Recap of 2017:

  1. Spent new year countdown at Mom’s Bar.
  2. N got spayed, took the conehead hiking a lot.
  3. Picked up a hobby of arranging flowers. Sold a few to friends.
  4. Vday spent with a home cooked meal topped with chocolate strawberries. I sometimes have mad craves for that paella.
  5. Flew to NY for a quickie. Drank a lot, ate a lot, laughed a lot, slept a lot in the prettiest New-Yorkan apartment. Got our car towed in the morn, which was a separate adventure in itself.
  6. Received a letter that made me feel all out of sorts in only the best of ways.
  7. Discovered the Amoretto Sour, which made it onto my top favorite cocktails.
  8. Visited Calgary, Alberta at the most unexpected time. Snowmobiled, bowled a wonderful score, tried a beaver tail, wrestled P atop a random mountain, hiked up an iced slope just to slide down it, and devoured the best steak.
  9. Received a package from Maryland with notes on the insides, gifts from Europe travels, and a box of the prettiest chocolates.
  10. Took a much-needed trip to Cabo, Mexico at the most perfect time when there weren’t many people. Good foods to match good moods.
  11. Landed in Washington D.C. with no sight of cherry blossoms (obvi still salty about this). Don’t remember sleeping much this trip because some people apparently can sleep with a live cockroach in the same room. On a bright note, the drive to Maryland was a completely different experience.
  12. Flew to Chicago. I can deffo understand why people say it’s a clean NY. It was the trip I wished to stay > to return home.
  13. Had many friends visit- J, S, F + T, and M.
  14. Took N to the dog beach. If you have ever seen a dog run and swim like N at a dog beach, you’d swear nothing else could make your heart feel happier. You let me know when you need a pick-me-up, and I’ll take you.
  15. Birthday dinner at Maestro’s and surprise party after.
  16. Went home to Colorado to match C.
  17. First Vegas trip.
  18. Camped at the Los Angeles Forest. It was refreshing to finally see a sky full of stars in CA. The hike was horrifying. P sure I wanted to just die in the middle of it. The dogs encountered a black rattlesnake.
  19. Spent the 4th of July on Laguna beach. Literally hobo-ed it to dinner, but you shoulda seen the fireworks, man.
  20. Drove to Colorado from California and made a stop at Horseshoe Bend along the way.
  21. Dragged my sister and K to a 14ner, which they hated me for, but N had fun and sometimes all you need is one.
  22. Snagged John Mayer tickets.
  23. John Mayer twice.
  24. Met up with high school clique for food and beers. Can’t believe C and D are married now.
  25. Drove to OC for the OC Fair. P won the ringtoss! How the heck does that happen?!
  26. Painfully packed up and moved out of my dream apartment on Santee st. Moved into my new, pretty pad with my pretty, new roommate.
  27. Started work year 2.
  28. Hiked a total of 30+ mi in Redwoods National Forest. Snuck our dogs into the park. Prayed for forgiveness. One hike led to a lake that the dogs went swimming in.
  29. Horror night at Universal. Never again.
  30. Halloween shit show. Gave my number out to so many randos, lost my wallet, car key, house key, peed in public, messaged a bunch of people telling them I love them, woke up somewhere other than my bed…okthisisagoodplacetostop.
  31. Attended a wedding-a pretty, pretty wedding.
  32. Decorated for roommate’s bday and remembered how much I love using my hands.
  33. Finally got to see the Kusama exhibition at the Broad (only took about 3 tries).
  34. Family trip to Aspen.
  35. Christmas in Korea with memories of butt shots, eating dank food, 2 hour-body massages, vitamin IV, bowling, boardgames, drinking, and making new friends.

Resolutions of 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.35.12 PM

Going into resolutions strong with “I will” statements. Here goes!

  1. I will save. I know too well my very easily-fall-in-love type personality so I am putting my foot down. I do not neeeeeed that pretty black dress that I’ll probably only ever wear once.
  2. I will take no bullshit. I learned the hard way 2017 how invaluable my time is. I need to do what I must to build myself into the person I want to become.
  3. I will travel. I said only 2 places this year (in efforts to save), but we shall see.
  4. I will stay active. I plan to continue showing up to classes, even on days I’d rather “Nama-stay right bed.”
  5. I will grow happiness in routine. I hate routines, I hate schedules, I hate being confined into a “space”, there’s a quite a bit of hate, actually. But there is something to be said about crossing something off on a list and developing a consistent character. As I enter my 25th year, I’d like to define myself. Who am I? Who have I been? Who will I become? Such vague questions, but it begins with what you do day-in-and-day-out and how.
  6. I will pray. Praying more, specific prayers. My favorite time to pray is my drive to work to the moment I open the door to my classroom. It drives my prayer in a direction.
  7. I will channel my creative energy. Choosing a career outside of my passion for art, has definitely left me thirsty. It all comes rushing back to me when I pick up a drawing pencil or get an opportunity to work on a project. 2018, will be about less waiting around for chances.