Sunday, 9:30am

“January was three years long and February lasted 3 minutes.”

I can’t believe it’s already March.

Current Motivations:

  1. Spring break in three weeks. Three weeks for ELPAC prep, SBAC prep, MAP prep, observation meetings, parent conferences for end of mid-term, and report card summaries.
  2. March and April are the big-ballas in open job applications. I originally wanted to stay three years before looking for a new school to settle. Seriously reconsidering moving back to Colorado for a long-term investment. I just got my state test books so here goes to starting apps and picking test dates.
  3. Endings can be pretty too, there’s something new to look forward to.
  4. Turning 25 in T-4 months so I’m going to give my last stretch of 24 only toots and giggles.

Peace out-girl scout,