Tuesday, 9:19pm

Sermon takeaway: The more we relinquish control, the more peace we find. We find peace when we engrain God into our lives because it brings to awareness that He is a part of our decisions.

Sermon reminder: We don’t pray because God needs us to talk to Him; we pray for us  because we are prone to forget He is near or what He has done for us.

Good-bye April. Here’s a quick sharing of highs + lows.

Made me feel like a 100 bucks:

  1. “You are my home now.”
  2. Wins on boardgames, bowling, darts, Streetfighter.
  3. Learning to stay put and talk about things that are not okay because talking about it with the right person somehow wraps the conversation with laughs and heart-eyes.
  4. Making it to the land of V2’s.
  5. Going to a super hipster concert.
  6. Rediscovering my love for REI.
  7. Successfully planning a birthday and the school’s science fair.
  8. New Avengers movie.

Shawty got low-low-low-low-low-low-low-low:

  1. Buying the same brand of eyebrow pencil (7x) that keeps breaking at the same part, the day I buy it. Sometimes you just have to break up with the things that consistently bring you down. 🖐
  2. The one V2 that (punctured a hole in my knee and makes it feel like it is on fire whenever something touches it-like my pants, or water in the shower) I never got to touch “finish”.

The beginnings of months are my favorite because they feel frikka-frikka-fresh.

(I think the mindset started in middle school. Everyone had the same school planners and each month, we’d rip out the past month’s plans and reminders so that it’d be like new. By the end of the school year, we had a sheet or two left leaving us feeling light for the summer.)

The only fall-out of this was that the last two weeks we'd cruise-control. Endings should be just as strong, stronger.

New month, new goals:

  1. Be more active throughout the week. I picked up a climbing membership last month thinking I’d quit my hot yoga one. But I most likely will keep both because I have a girl crush on my instructors and some of the guys are like the temperature of the room, lol jk. 😬
  2. Pick up reading again (finish one book!)
  3. Pray intentionally.
  4. Actively set a plan for work/service over the summer and call ahead for trips.
  5. I deffo wanna wander around REI my next pay day for camp gear.
  6. I really want a pink slow juicer.