Sunday, 10:57pm

  1. I definitely got a minor concussion this weekend falling from an overhang lolol. The word ‘concussion’ always makes me laugh remembering K got one hahahahaha because of me and C; she hates him to this day for it. Overhang falls make me feel so vulnerable because I feel like a koala that dropped from its tree. (update: I can actually do a few V3’s, say yes to progress. prog-yes!)
  2. Actually cried thinking of turning 30 and I’m not there yet. Sometimes laughing makes you feel a lot better than how you feel inside. Force yourself to smile and really lol. You just fake it ’til you make it, sweetie.
  3. Dude, got the last cup twice playing bp this weekend. Then I ended it by making zero cups the final round. Can’t win them all namsayin’, then you’ll have nobody to hang out with 😉 Ya, I’m 25 but this makes me feel freaking-kid-happy.